Targeted Marketing of Assets and Intellectual Property  

Where there are disposable assets of a specialist nature there is often a difficulty making a market for them.

It’s not unusual to see traditional channels such as auctioneers and machinery disposal agents attempting to market assets that they clearly do not understand. To find a buyer for specialist assets requires more effort than just adding the details to the agent’s website and hoping that a buyer will happen along.

In order to maximise the return on specialist assets the key is to gain an understanding of its value or future value. We feel this is best achieved face to face with the people that created the asset wherever possible.

It is also important to gain an understanding of what has been invested in the asset over a period of time. Owners of such assets often undervalue them, either in ignorance or, by design seeking to mask the value. Similarly owners will inflate the marketable value in one final act of optimism.

Intellectual property is especially difficult to assess where computer software is concerned. How complete is it, how many installations are there and what competition exists are all valid questions. It is not unusual to find projects where considerable investment and development has been expended when simple analysis shows that the product does not fulfil a market need.

We have considerable experience of the computer industry with one of our associates having previously had a 20 year career running Computer Dealerships, Networking Companies and Publishing Computer Software.

Marketing Specialist Assets using Micro Web Sites

It has always been difficult to make a market for specialist assets and achieve a reasonable return for the client. This is especially true where there are no funds available to invest in promoting the sale or the agent feels he is unlikely to produce a reasonable return.

We are having good success using Micro WebSites. If you are unsure what we mean take a look at these two links.

Whilst these sites were not secured for private access they were initially both private in so much as they were not indexed by search engines or referenced from the main page. Later in the selling cycle, when the client is comfortable with the details being public, they are linked to the main page for maximum exposure.

We use these sites to reduce both our own and our client’s administration as first line enquiries can be directed straight to the site and then through to us as agents.

To support these sites we research for selected contacts within the appropriate industries and mail them directly to drive enquiries toward the site. Where we are able to disclose the client or company involved in the disposal we would advertise in the trade press and send out press releases where applicable directing interest towards the site.

As we have the Micro Web Site acting as a brochure we have sales support available whenever the client requires it.

We are able to react very quickly to instructions received. Once we have the detail and pictures we are usually able to establish a site within 24/48 Hours.

Where we are free to promote assets in a public arena we would take a less targeted approach to marketing the assets. We take the view that any contact we become aware of that is in a related industry is a contact worth mailing.

This coupled with well written Press Releases directed at the industry press and websites creates a “Viral” effect whereby the details are passed around companies and between contacts. This works to push the information up the management chain often putting the details in the hands of senior people who are otherwise too protected to reach.

Here are some examples of the publicity generated from these activities.

The Register

Wi-Fi Technology Pages

We feel that it is essential to promote assets effectively to achieve best value. Lack of budget often means that the client feels that no effort has been made on his behalf.

We feel this is a cost effective way of promoting assets especially where there payment is by results only.

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